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GMB members and staff have overwhelmingly voted in support of the commissioning of a new review to look at protecting the future of the Royal Pavilion & Museums services, and to stand down any industrial threats. Brighton and Hove City Council have proposed the independent external review of the service and [...]
GMB Southern Region are advertising up to two vacancies for Organisers, to be based in one of our regional offices. Details of the vacancy are in the documents available for download below: .Wpfb-Dlbtn div { Breite:250PX; Höhe:40PX; Marge:0; Polsterung:0; Hintergrund:transparente url(" ") keine-Repeat oben in der Mitte;} .Wpfb-Dlbtn div:Hover { Hintergrund-Bild: URL(; } Organiser JD [...]
Wilkinsons Pay Offer 2018
GMB, the union for Wilkinsons employees, have been negotiating with management throughout January and have managed to secure a pay offer which, despite the decline in profits for the past seven years, includes a pay rise and other benefits. Details of this pay offer are contained within the latest GMB Wilkinsons [...]
GMB are supporting the TUC’s national march and rally for ‘a new deal for working people’ as part of its TUC Great Jobs Agenda campaign. TUC created the Great Jobs Agenda to give the trade union movement a common set of bargaining asks in workplaces. They include; be paid fairly, work [...]
Chief executives and senior officials are top of the pay league in South East for full time average annual earnings. In April 2017 they had annual average earnings of £113,316. At the bottom of the pay league for 87 occupations, are childcare and related personal services, with average earnings of [...]
Financial institution managers and directors are top of the pay league in the Dorset and Wiltshire area for full time average annual earnings. In April 2017 they had annual average earnings of £63,337. At the bottom of the pay league for 85 occupations, are elementary services occupations, with average earnings [...]
GMB, the union for staff at Brighton and Hove’s Royal Pavilion & Museums services, have gained an agreement that Brighton & Hove City Council will postpone the current process of awarding a direct contract and transfer of the Royal Pavilion & Museums services staff to the Dome and Festival Trust. Die [...]
GMB, the union for healthcare staff in Sussex, has written to East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Chief Executive Dr Adrian Bull to personally intervene to halt the ill-conceived proposal to close the £1.2 million plus per annum revenue creating Pharmacy Manufacturing Unit (PMU), asking if it is actually going to [...]
GMB, the union for staff at Medway Council, have called on the council to end the Victorian workhouse mentality and start paying their staff a salary that allows them to have a decent standard of living and lift them out of a lifestyle that has seen hardworking local authority employee’s [...]
GMB Southern has welcomed the announcement today (February 2nd) by Mayor Sadiq Khan that residents on estates will in future be balloted on any new regeneration projects affecting their homes and estates. Sadiq Khan announced the policy this afternoon at an event in Barnet with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Über 100 estates [...]

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