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UK nuclear industry at risk [...]
Festive Food Prices Shoot Up
Price of Santa’s glass of sherry, buttered sprouts and toys rocket at worst possible time for hard up workers. [...]
Fighting For Asda Members
Union will be making sure members' voices are heard loud and clear, working tirelessly to reduce and minimise any proposed redundancies. [...]
Trade unions GMB and Unite have tabled a pay claim on behalf of local government craftworkers, which is seeking a downpayment on ‘pay justice’ for members. [...]
Naming And Shaming Not Enough
It’s impossible to feed and clothe your family and put a roof over their head on the minimum wage, without fat cat bosses trying to scam you out the pay you’ve worked hard for. [...]
Uber Loses Sheffield Licence
GMB calls on Sheffield City Council to be transparent over the reasons for their concerns about Uber so the public and drivers can be fully informed. [...]
SMR's announcement welcomed
The announcement on Small Modular Reactors (SMR’s) is positive but Government must now drive this agenda and provide further funding and certainty for the nuclear industry if it is to fulfil its obligations to the British public of a safe, secure and reliable power supply says GMB. [...]
The obvious next step is for Government to take a stake in the finance of the project - this would give certainty and drive the costs down significantly for UK electricity bill payers further down the line says GMB [...]
Government “playing fast and loose with people’s livelihoods, communities and the economy”, union warns. [...]
Employers outline two-year pay deal [...]

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