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Protest for Sacked Taxi Driver
This protest is in anger at the treatment of a decent, hard-working family man whose only crime appears to be membership of a trade union says GMB. [...]
GMB has written to DHL/UK Mail demanding an urgent meeting to discuss their appalling treatment of drivers. [...]
The rejection of Boeing's compliant wouldn't have happened without the GMB delegation that lobbied the European Commission. [...]
Social Care is 'Ticking Timebomb'
Britain's army of careworkers are overworked, underpaid and denied the career progression they need says GM [...]
Taylor Review Response 'Weak'
Big change is needed, change that is backed up by law and proper penalties for breaking those laws, говорит GMB. [...]
GMB Responds To Foster Care Report
Unions call for national foster carers register supported but bid for proper pay and allowances knocked back. [...]
Worker Voice Needed On Food and Drink Council
Without a trade union voice on the Food and Drink Sector Council, it seriously risks becoming an exclusive talking shop for big business says GMB. [...]
Fight For Equality Far From Over
We still see more women on zero hour contracts, suffering the impacts of insecure work and enduring widespread sexual harassment from Westminster to workplaces across the UK says union. [...]
Politicians Back GMB Red Cross Campaign
We will continue to fight for our loyal, skilled and hard-working ambulance staff who are facing a very stressful and worrying time says GMB. [...]
Northern Ireland Electricity Job Cuts
This is a very worrying and stressful time for our members especially on the back of the recent announcement that Kilroot power station is to close says GMB. [...]

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