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Hillsborough families deserve justice but shouldn't have had to wait almost 3 decades for this decision, dit l’union. GMB union, which represents thousands of workers on Merseyside - and whose General Secretary was at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster - has responded to the decision of the CPS [...]
Real pay rises are long overdue for public sector workers, but devil will be in the detail says union. Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary for Public Services, a dit: [...]
Union’s analysis shows the number of public sector workers outstripped Tory majority in over 80% of the seats lost by the party in this month’s general election. GMB, l’union des travailleurs du secteur public, has today issued a warning to Tory MPs the public are watching their vote on a [...]
Sellafield's Firefighters are considered to be among the best in the country, yet this is not reflected in the grading of their pay. GMB is to meet senior management at Sellafield Limited for last ditch talks in an attempt to avert a planned strike among Sellafield’s firefighters. [...]
The dog's dinner that is Moorside currently is a living example of why Britain should not leave it to foreign companies to keep the country’s lights on. The Labour MP Rachel Reeves, member for Leeds West, used the first Business, Energy and Industry Strategy question session since the general election [...]
Eight per cent increase for Queen welcome if it’s matched for other public servants, dit l’union. GMB, l’union des travailleurs du secteur public, has said that Queen's funding increase will be welcome as long as it is matched for other public servants. [...]
Union says its time to commit to new type 31 frigates and RFA support vessels as flagship aircraft carrier begins sea trials. GMB, the union for shipbuilders, says now is the time for the Government to commit to new Royal Navy Type 31 frigates and RFA support vessels and the [...]
It’s beyond stupid for the UK to rely on foreign Governments and companies to keep our lights on. GMB, l’union des travailleurs de l’énergie, has said a proper home-grown, publically funded energy supply would be a cheaper alternative to another Hinkley Point C style funding arrangement. [...]
The suspended worker has been treated unfairly in our view and should be reinstated immediately and a sensible resolution should be brought about says GMB London. Hospital workers in Watford General hospital who asked their managers for permission to wear three quarter length trousers because of the intense heat were [...]
Embargoed until 00:01 Friday June 23, 2017. Union makes rallying cry on anniversary of the EU referendum. [...]

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