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Multi-billion pound global giants treating workers at the sharp end like dirt because of their cock up is a disgrace, sagt GMB. [...]
Ministers must put investment in jobs, industry and our public services ahead of their internal squabbles, warns GMB [...]
GMB members at Cammell Laird have returned a vote by a consultative ballot to support a new pay and conditions agreement. [...]
If the best this Government can do is promise Britain will not turn into a 'Mad Max' nightmare - it’s no wonder people are worried about their post-Brexit lives says GMB. [...]
It is essential that there is never a repeat of the near miss of the 2012 drought so a belt and braces approach is the right one to rule out the £330m daily costs of failure of inadequate water supply says GMB [...]
We tried to warn KFC this would have consequences – well now the chickens are coming home to roost says GMB [...]
This protest is in anger at the treatment of a decent, hard-working family man whose only crime appears to be membership of a trade union says GMB. [...]
GMB has written to DHL/UK Mail demanding an urgent meeting to discuss their appalling treatment of drivers. [...]
The rejection of Boeing's compliant wouldn't have happened without the GMB delegation that lobbied the European Commission. [...]
Britain's army of careworkers are overworked, underpaid and denied the career progression they need says GM [...]

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